Pre-Planning Funerals

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 Everyday we receive calls where families are unsure of what kind of service their loved one would have wanted. When you choose to pre-plan your funeral, you are able to lessen the burden on your family. They won’t have to worry about the type of service, type of casket, or location you would prefer to be buried at because you will have already given them the answers.  Pre-planning gives the gift of lasting peace to your family. It saves family and friends the stress of planning a service during an already difficult time. 

Planning ahead gives you time to consider each decision instead of forcing your family and friends to make decisions for you in haste. Most importantly, you and your loved ones will know everything is just as you wanted it. Knowing you planned the funeral makes the service even more meaningful for those you leave behind.

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 When you call us regarding pre-planning, you will receive a pre-planning guide. One of our professional advisors will walk through the guide with you to ensure your funeral wishes consists of everything you desire. After filling out the guide, we will send a hard copy to the person of your choice, so that they are able to contact us after your passing. We will help them to get the lowest price possible on your funeral in the future.  Our pre-planning guides are able to be used at anytime. They never expire. If you currently have a Life Insurance policy, we can combined it with our services. You can get the funeral you desire, lessen the burden on your family, and save money all at the same time. Don’t wait call now to receive a guide today! 

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