First 24 hours

first 24 hours are the most important

It is very crucial that you call us in the first 24 hours of your loved ones passing. The main reason is most hospitals and morgues are needing space for others that will be passing. This puts pressure  on families to make rushed decisions to find a funeral home. A lot of times it may not be the funeral home you would have chosen if you knew all of the ones available in the area and what they had to offer. Unfortunately, once your loved one is in a home there's pressure to sign a contract which disables us from having the ability to broker a deal more favorable to you. In the end, you are spending more money than necessary.  Even if you don't sign a contract, it is more expensive to move your loved one from one funeral home to another. We urge you to call as soon as possible so that our team may be able to find the funeral home that best suits you and your family's needs as quickly and diligently as possible.