About Us

our story

 I first started out in the funeral business as a pre-need salesman. I would go door to door selling pre-need funeral policies. Immediately, I saw the importance of families being prepared in the event of unexpectedly losing a loved one. During one of the hardest times of their lives, these families are faced with some of the biggest personal, materialistic, and financial choices. The problem is that they are having to make all of these overwhelming decisions while in such a vulnerable state of mind due to grieving. This made the families very susceptible to being taken advantage of resulting in them spending a lot more money than was necessary. Seeing this situation over and over is how the Helping Hands seed was planted in my heart. I wanted to start a company that focuses on those that have lost a loved one and have not prepared for it. I wanted to intercede on their behalf when they mentally and physically could not.   

How we got started

 The idea of Helping Hands Funeral Advisors began with a situation I got involved in almost involuntarily. I received a phone call from a friend who had recently lost a family member. She asked me if there was anyway I could help her family out since she knew I was a pre-need salesman, and I had a greater understanding of the funeral business. Her and her family had decided on a service that would cost them around $12,000. I asked her to give me some time to talk with this particular funeral home and a few others. Because of my experience in the funeral business and the respect earned from being a pre-need salesman, I was able to get the price for the exact same service down to $5,000 saving them $7,000 off of their insurance policy. They were ecstatic to say the least. They appreciated what I had done for them so much telling me how great of a burden I had taken off of them. I realized at that very moment that I needed to use my experience in the funeral industry to help as many families as possible. I believe losing a loved one is hard enough and the weight of how much it may cost shouldn’t affect you being able to properly honor your loved one.  

our mission statement

Our mission is to guide the Survivor through the logistical aspects of funeral services. We will help the Survivor by giving them the information necessary to make an informed decision while at the same time reducing the cost of the funeral. Our goal is to lessen the burden on the Survivor, so that he/she can focus on the grieving process, all while we help reduce the cost of the service for the Survivor.