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The first 24-hours after a death are critical. We urge you to contact us before signing any contract

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We can save you money off your funeral service in the comfort of your own home.

Because of our years of experience and buying power with multiple funeral homes, we can get you the lowest cost possible on the funeral of your choice. Our goal is to keep you from being taken advantage of during one of the hardest times of your life. 


We can help give you information on types of services and arrangements so that you can honor your loved one in the most beautiful and memorable way.  After you have an idea of what you would like for your loved ones funeral to consist of, we will find the perfect funeral home to carry out all of your wants and needs. 

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All of this is done in the comfort of your own home

 Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things to go through. In these trying times, it is best to handle this tragedy surrounded by the people you love in a place you feel most comfortable, your own home. Rather than driving around and making multiple phone calls, you can grieve in the comfort of your home while we handle the complex process for you. This is important to us because we know just how hard it is to set up the arrangements in those first days of grieving. Instead of stressing about all of the details, you can simply allow us to help inform you of the options available to you.  

what is the right service for you

 There are numerous ways to honor the memory of a loved one while surrounded by the many people who cared about them. Having a service is one of the most important parts of a funeral because it gives not only you a chance to have closure but also the countless other people who cared about your loved one.  One option is a traditional service. This service consists of having the funeral at a church or a different building of your choice. Another option is cremation followed by a memorial service. There are unlimited ways in which you can give your loved one the funeral they deserve, and our advisers are here to help you every step of the way.  

Types of services

help locate the ideal funeral home/funeral director for you

 It is very important to us that we find the funeral home that best suits you and your family’s needs. Finding a funeral home can be rather tricky because the options and opportunities available differ so greatly from one home to another. Our experienced advisory team locates the perfect funeral home for you based off of your specific wants and needs in order to pair you with a funeral director that will help plan the service your loved one deserves.  

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You also can secure our services for the future and lessening the burden on your family by planning your service ahead of time.  One of our professional advisors will walk you step by step through the pre-planning guide, answering any questions you may have.  If you have a Life Insurance Policy, you can combine it with our services, to insure your future service is completely covered. By pairing both,  your families burden is lowered and your service is paid for.

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 Give your loved one the very best! Remembering and reflecting upon their past. Celebrating the moments that will forever last! A final memorial to let them shine. Giving them glory one last time! 

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 There’s a misconception that you must use all of your loved ones life insurance policy for their funeral service. When given the pleasure of working for you, we are able to save you a greater amount of money from your loved ones’ policy for you to utilize on other important expenses. In doing this, you are able to give your loved one a beautiful service at a lower cost and save money at the same time.  



 If you already have a pre-need policy, we can ensure that you get the most value from it. Due to our experience in selling pre-need policies, we are able to make certain you are getting the most worth out of your pre-need policy. Already having a pre-need policy doesn’t change your ability to reap the benefits of our service.   

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